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We are tax accountants committed to supporting and equipping you with the tools you need to progress in your personal and business endeavours. Contact our accounting firm today.

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How Our Services Help You

At Malhi Accounting, we empower entrepreneurs and individuals to navigate the complexities of taxes and finances confidently. Our comprehensive filing, consulting, and audit support services, tailored to meet your unique needs, ensure you're always in control. With our expertise, fast response times, and competitive pricing, we help you maximize savings and make informed decisions. Experience peace of mind with Malhi Accounting, where your financial success is our priority.

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Set Yourself Up For Success With Our Accounting Firm

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Our Services

Personal Tax

We cater our offerings to personal needs, providing expert assistance in tax preparation, filing, and planning. We ensure you benefit from all available deductions and credits, optimizing your financial health.

Corporate Tax

For businesses, we provide comprehensive solutions, including corporate filings, payroll services, and financial statement preparation. We focus on minimizing your tax liability while supporting your business growth and compliance with regulations.

Tax Disputes

Navigating tax disputes can be challenging. We offer guidance and representation in disagreements with authorities, ensuring your rights are protected. We aim to resolve disputes efficiently, reducing stress and financial impact.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to support your financial decision-making with strategic advice on tax planning, business structure optimization, and financial health assessments. We empower entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their financial goals through informed, strategic choices.

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Our Approach

We pride ourselves on a unique approach that combines personalized attention with in-depth expertise in accounting and tax services. Our methods focus on understanding each client's specific needs, enabling us to provide customized solutions that maximize financial benefits. With a commitment to clear communication and fast response times, we ensure that every client feels informed, comfortable, and in control. Our strategic advisory and dedicated support cater to both individuals and businesses, setting us apart as a partner in financial success.


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Tax Audits


Client Satisfaction

About Harpreet Malhi

Your Tax Accountant

As a seasoned CPA with over a decade of expertise, I bring a wealth of knowledge in accounting services to empower individuals and businesses alike. My commitment to enhancing financial health and literacy is backed by a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in Canada, a testament to meeting CPA Canada's stringent standards. My journey includes completing the prestigious CICA In-Depth Tax program alongside ongoing education to stay at the forefront of tax advisory and consulting.


Renowned for being a comprehensive finance resource, I prioritize building strong relationships, ensuring client accessibility, and adopting a proactive approach to financial planning and milestone achievement. My strategy involves collaborating closely with you to craft bespoke solutions targeting your financial objectives, employing advanced accounting techniques for a range of offerings, including tax preparation, bookkeeping, financial statements, and CRA support.


Malhi Accounting takes pride in its A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), reflecting our dedication to trust, transparency, and ethical service. Partner with us for strategic guidance and turn-key solutions that propel your financial success forward.

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 Harpreet Malhi

We’re More Than Just
A Tax Accountant

We are here to set you up for success. Call us today to find out how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs to file a tax return in Canada?
    Generally, residents of Canada who earned income or have taxes owing must file a tax return. This includes individuals with employment income, self-employed individuals, and those who have received other types of income such as rental income or investment income.
  • What is the deadline for filing taxes in Canada?
    The deadline for filing your personal income tax return is typically April 30th. If April 30th falls on a weekend or a holiday, the deadline is usually extended to the next business day.
  • How can I file my taxes?
    You can file your taxes online using certified tax software, by mail using paper forms, or through a tax professional. The CRA also offers online services for filing taxes.
  • What documents do I need to prepare my tax return?
    Common documents include T4 slips (employment income), T5 slips (investment income), receipts for deductible expenses, and any other relevant financial documents. Self-employed individuals may need additional documents, such as business expense receipts.
  • What are some tax credits and deductions available to individuals in Canada?
    Common tax credits and deductions include the Basic Personal Amount, Child Tax Credit, Medical Expenses, Charitable Donations, and Education Credits. The specific credits and deductions you qualify for depend on your individual circumstances.
  • What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit?
    The GST credit is a tax-free quarterly payment to help individuals and families with low or modest incomes offset the GST they pay. Eligibility is based on your income and family situation.
  • Do I need to report foreign income?
    Yes, you are required to report any foreign income, including income from employment, investments, and property. There are also reporting requirements for foreign assets exceeding certain thresholds.
  • Can I split income with my spouse or common-law partner?
    There are income-splitting opportunities for some tax credits and deductions, but the rules can be complex. It's advisable to consult with a tax professional to determine the best strategy for your situation.
  • What are the penalties for late filing or non-compliance?
    There are penalties for filing your taxes late and for not reporting income. Interest may also be charged on any amounts owing. It's important to file on time to avoid these penalties.
  • Where can I get more information or assistance?
    The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website ( is a valuable resource for information on personal taxes. You can also contact the CRA directly or seek assistance from a tax professional.
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